About Us

Qatar is to witness a sharp surge in the security requirements with its upcoming projects under Qatar vision 2030 and FIFA World Cup 2022. Considering this expected spree on the Security front, Enertech Group has explored a new forte by venturing into Security Segment as a training provider. Our agenda is to facilitate all the levels of Security Training to personnel engaged in different functional degrees and job titles in Security and Safety companies in Qatar.
These training programs focus on covering the theoretical portion along with the practical element thus, influencing Human Factors, Changing Behaviors, Technological Advancements and Customer Relations, which plays a crucial role in executing Security Operations. These courses are customized in accordance to the working environment of the delegates.
The training course is pertinent across all the sectors including business, constructions or private security guards of all facilities. Esperto is officially approved training provider by Qatar’s Ministry of Interiors (MOI) to offer Security Trainings and our training relies on the curriculums approved by MOI.

Skilled & Qualified Security Professionals

The trainers here, come with a military background and a remarkable experience in Security Operations. They hold premium certifications and knowledge in teaching and assessing the competency of the personnel. Thus, ensuring a quality training experience to the trainees. Our prestige is the proven track record of providing clients with endless flexibility in terms of our service and meticulously delivered training.
Private Security Training in Qatar

Our vision

Esperto Security Training forging ahead to become the versatile security training provider. We set out to make a difference, not only to be leaders but strive consistently in order that we unlock new potentials and create next generation of Security services.
Private Security Training in Qatar

Our Mission

Esperto security training’s mission is to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients for the growing demand for high quality Security Trainings that equip the personnel to deal with real life risk and circumstances.